Specialist trainer, communication trainer and skilled coach in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotech

on location or as webinars for sales representatives, medical and technical qualified personnel, conducted by an experienced freelance professional trainer, coach and medical writer

A competent, informed and self-confident sales representative is the best figurehead for every pharmaceutical company and the best sales engine for every drug or product. 

The requirement profile for sales representatives is high. Much knowledge has to be used appropriately.

Given the large number of sales representatives who visit the same doctor, individual sales skills ultimately make the decisive difference.

Those who enjoy what they have learned save new knowledge more easily and pass it on to the customer more effectively.

A high-quality, inspiring training ensures successful learning, imparts competence and strengthens the self-confidence and appearance of the sales representative at the customer.

This is exactly what my training focus is on: Adequate preparation and communication of medical content and communication content. Learning success through enthusiasm and sales success through imparting competence and specialist knowledge.

About me

My customers benefit from a sound basis of specialist knowledge and practical trainer experience.

In addition to my many years of professional experience, I am very familiar with both scientific and operational requirements in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry through my dual training as a molecular biologist and industrial engineer.

My wealth of experience is based on 20 years of successful professional experience in several international pharmaceutical and medtech companies such as Roche, Sandoz and Novartis:

International Medical Technology Trainer, Medical Science Manager, Trainer for over 180 generic drugs, Product Manager, MSL field service (Medical Science Liaison) Manager and Specialist Trainer for products that require a lot of explanation.

My guiding principle: Successful learning through enthusiasm.

My conviction: Only those who enjoy learning can keep even difficult content and later convince customers with their competence and self-confidence.

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Silke Hinsberger

Pharmaceutical trainer

My offer

Medical specialist and discussion training

… for pharmaceutical representatives / field staff in medical technology, other medical employees, CROs / CRA, medical science, marketing, doctors and nursing staff:

  • Face-to-face workshops, seminars
  • Webinars / Live Online Training (LOTs) / Skype Training
  • Omnichannel Trainings (Email, Video, Phone, F2F)
  • Coaching
  • Medical Writing
  • Neurocommunication trainings

All trainings possible in German and English.

Conception, creation and training of training documents

  • Determination of the state of knowledge and blended learning conception
  • Training folders, e-folders, product brochures and promotional aids
  • Podcasting
  • Electronic learning aids such as Q-Stream, knowledge games etc.
  • Creative preparation as presentation, folder or fact sheet
  • Training of complex issues

Training types

  • Indication training: symptoms, diagnosis, studies, competition, medication
  • Product training: substance class, dosage, side effects, effects, mechanism of action, studies, etc.
  • Competition training: studies, pharmacology, strategy
  • Conversation training: application of learned content, use of promotional aids with different types of customers
  • Onboarding training: Presentation of demanding medical content at every level. Confident management of learning groups with different levels of knowledge.


  • Neurology / Psychiatry: Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine, ADHD, Pain, Depression, Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy
  • Immunology (antibody therapies, other biopharmaceuticals)
  • Infectiology / Virology
  • Human genetics
  • Endocrinology
  • Wound care / dermatology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Further indications on request

Target groups:

  • Sales / representatives / field staff in pharma, medical technology and biotechnology
  • Clinical Research Associates / CROs
  • Expert staff in clinical research, medical science, marketing, other medical staff
  • Call center training
  • Customer training with doctors, practice, clinic, pharmacy and nursing staff


Satisfied customers agree

„Du hast immer super Arbeit geleistet, man kann sich auf dich verlassen und der Außendienst war auch immer ein Fan von dir.“

Brand Manager, Novartis

„Du bist eine wahnsinnig tolle Trainerin und ich bin sehr dankbar, dass ich von dir lernen durfte.“

AD-Mitarbeiterin bei Novartis

„Du warst der Lichtblick und die Rettung vieler Schulungen!“

AD-Mitarbeiterin bei Novartis

„Du bist eine spitzen Trainerin! Ich behaupte sogar, die beste die ich je hatte! ... Ich kann nur sagen ich bin absoluter Fan von Dir und Deinem Unterricht!“

AD-Mitarbeiterin bei Novartis

„Deine Erstschulung war schon große Klasse und zuletzt das Immunsystem, wir waren alle begeistert. Nochmals herzlichen Dank für die tollen Präsentationen.“

AD-Mitarbeiterin bei Novartis

„Ich wünsche Dir sehr viel Glück und Erfolg und kann nur sagen, du hast es wirklich professionell und sehr gut vermittelt.“

AD-Mitarbeiterin bei Novartis

„So, wie du mir PRODUKT X beigebracht hast, mit so viel Emotionen, kann das keine Zweite!“

AD-Mitarbeiterin bei Novartis

„Ich erinnere mich sehr gern an Deine Trainings und war immer fasziniert, wie toll Du die Information mit Deiner bildlichen Sprache zu uns, in die Köpfe transportiert hast.“

AD-Mitarbeiterin bei Novartis

„Ich habe selten so eine Kollegin gehabt, die so offen und herzlich ist und die ihr Wissen supergerne mit anderen teilt – Du bist der absolute Teamplayer, und es hat mir immer viel Freude gemacht, mit Dir zusammenzuarbeiten.“

Medical Manager, Novartis

„Schulungen hatte ich schon viele. So eine kreative und inhaltlich tolle aber lange nicht mehr.“

AD-Mitarbeiterin bei Novartis

„Ich finde es sehr schade, dass Du nicht mehr bei Novartis bist und muss sagen das war das beste Training, das ich bei Dir erleben durfte. Nochmal herzlichen Dank für Deine Bilder, die Du bei mir erzeugt hast.“

AD-Mitarbeiterin bei Novartis


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Silke Hinsberger
Zur Herl 23
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Phone: +49 (0) 177 8894049

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